Central Ave: Take back our Main Street

Central Avenue is the core of Columbia Heights, MN. It has businesses, parks, a public library, a historic movie theater, schools, and many residential homes. However, MnDOT manages it as Highway 65. It is unsafe for vehicles and pedestrians alike.

  • Divides our community
  • Is one of the most dangerous roads in the state per MnDOT
  • Hurts our businesses by promoting “pass through” instead of “come to”

We want MnDOT to recognize Central Avenue as the “Main Street” of our tightly knit 100 year old community, and manage it appropriately. We envision a Central Avenue that is safe for our pedestrian residents, visitors, and customers alike.

  • Brings our community together
  • Is safe for all users
  • Becomes a destination to visit our businesses and engage with the community

Without a more comprehensive plan, Central Avenue will continue to be a high-traffic road that produces frequent vehicle and pedestrian accidents in our in a densely-populated community.