Community Picnic

Be the coolest handing out ice cream as a Columbia Heights Community Picnic volunteer! Each summer the city holds a simple gathering of neighbors and city services alike. Formerly known as the “Police Picnic”, this annual event is hosted by many others including city staff, the fire department, civic organizations, local businesses, and several volunteer groups.

HeightsNEXT contributes by hosting an ice cream stand. Flavor names represent sustainable ideas, such as “Green Tech” (mint) or “Community Compost” (chocolate).

Columbia Heights Community Picnic Volunteering


Typically, the Columbia Heights Community Picnic is held during the Jamboree at the end of June. Our ice cream stand is pretty basic, so planning begins in May.

Community Picnic volunteer ice cream stand in Columbia Heights, MN.
HeightsNEXT volunteers hand out ice cream to picnic guests


Splash pad in Huset Park where you can be a Columbia Heights Community Picnic volunteer
Splash pad in Huset Park West, Columbia Heights, MN.

Event is held at:

Huset Park West (splash pad)
530 Mill St
Columbia Heights, MN 55421

Planning usually takes place at public meeting spaces such as the library, restaurants, coffee shops, etc.


  • Attend planning meetings
  • Load-in event gear
  • Staff the event
  • Load-out event gear

Become a Columbia Heights Community Picnic volunteer today!

How to Get Involved

Contact the event coordinator:

Amáda Márquez Simula
Amáda Márquez Simula

Email Amáda

Not your thing?

If ice cream doesn’t interest you, feel free to check our our many other volunteer opportunities.