Non-profit HeightsNEXT incorporates as 501(c)3

Members of the non-profit sustainable community organization HeightsNEXT and the long-desired Columbia Heights Farmers Market met on May 25, 2017 to discuss the possibility of a merger. It was a good, candid conversation. A volunteer mediator guided the discussion. After careful deliberation, all attendees voted unanimously to merge the organizations.

Non-profit organizers celebrate with a picnic in a park
Joe and Michele Schulender attend the picnic celebrating the incorporation of HeightsNEXT.

The new organization will retain the HeightsNEXT name, but it will operate in a new manner. As a non-profit, the group will include an education program, as well as the existing sustainable community building events and the upcoming farmers market.

Within the past few days the appropriate paperwork was filed and approved, and HeightsNEXT is now officially incorporated as a 501(c)3! Organizers are very excited about the possibilities this non-profit status will bring to our group.

To celebrate the evolution of HeightsNEXT, organizers are planning a membership summer picnic, as well as a Garden Tour, and a Dog Day Afternoon.