What is community building, anyway?

3 kids in baseball uniforms enjoy ice cream during a community building picnic.
Kids enjoying ice cream at the city picnic.

Simply put, “community building” means doing things that enhance a community. That’s exactly the aim of HeightsNEXT for the city of Columbia Heights, MN. In a polarized time driven by fear, HeightsNEXT hosts friendly, free events that remove barriers, introduce neighbors, and build connections between everyday people. With increased understanding, communities are safer, more informed, more efficient, and more resilient in times of crisis. We envision the next generation of Columbia Heights with these same strengths.

That’s why you can find us bringing neighbors together through annual activities such as street cleanups, a dog festival, garden tours, free movie nights, potlucks, ice cream socials, and even a beer tasting! We’re setting our sights high on even more community activities, including a farmer’s market. If you have ever thought, “I wish Columbia Heights had an art fair” (for example), you might be surprised to learn that the city government has no control over such things. HeightsNEXT works to fills that gap for all ages, enriching the community with events that promote creativity, diversity, knowledge, sustainability, and just plain fun.

While HeightsNEXT cares deeply about public policy, we are not a partisan organization. We do not support or endorse any political candidate, campaign, or office. Not only is partisan affiliation against our values, it is against the law. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, HeightsNEXT can not accept or make contributions to any outside cause. However, the same compassion and drive we have for community building is often found in civic leaders, candidates, and officials, and we welcome their enthusiasm across the entire political spectrum.

Most importantly, HeightsNEXT has a place for you, the active citizens in our community! Join us today to make Columbia Heights the most welcoming, inclusive, informed, creative, sustainable, and fun city in Minnesota!