Compost your food scraps and yard waste

Columbia Heights Compost Program

In the past, residents have been limited to only yard waste compost. This is because food scraps need handled differently to prevent access by pets and wildlife. Optionally, residents could choose to have the city haul away their yard waste in a special bin / cart rather than composting directly on their property. But with recent enhancements to the Columbia Heights composting program, now anyone with these bins can include food scraps in their waste. The bins are collected weekly in the summer months, and bi-weekly in winter.

When and Where

A small kitchen food scraps bin lined with biodegradable compost bags
Columbia Heights has a program for food scraps, complete with curbside pickup.

Curbside pick up starts in April 2018, but you can also drop off your compost at the Columbia Heights Recycling Center every Saturday morning.


  • Less waste in landfills
  • The more people compost, the less city (and therefore citizens) pay for garbage pickup.


Get started for free! Just call Jesse at Public Works: 763-706-3706